If you’ve seen one meeting app, you’ve seen them all? 4 ways Foneo outperforms the competition.

Online meeting apps: are you annoyed yet?

Do you think there’s only one type of conference call application? Then we have news for you. A large number of customer annoyances seem to pop up when talking about online meeting apps.

We’ve listened very carefully and improved each and every one of these frustrating flaws. We’ve turned them into advantages and integrated the solution to the imperfections of others into our unique spectrum of features.

Bye Bye Frustration!

The result: an online meeting application that outperforms the competition by a far. The one-of-a-kind technology behind Foneo exceeds client expectations – so we’ve noticed. And surpasses everything that’s on the market today.

Foneo is the new kid on the online meeting app block. Here’s 4 reasons why your business should embrace the newcomer.

  1. Say goodbye to poor video quality, lousy streaming and terrible audio

Number 1 annoyance when holding an online conference call. Video that’s constantly blurred. Audio that’s on and off – not to mention the digital squeaking sounds. And of course: the insufficient connection to wifi or mobile networks that makes “Is Susan still there?” the key talking point of every meeting.

Well, that’s all in the past now. Foneo combines crisp video quality with impeccable audio. And is much more reliable when it comes to streaming than any which competitor on the market today.

  1. User-friendliness is the new normal

The easy-to-use interface and ingenious, intuitive design are the characteristics that really stand out. Foneo was designed with the user in mind – and it shows. You’ll love it on every device, we promise. With just a few clicks you’re able to organize an extensive meeting with your whole team.

Just open the app, set-up according to your needs and meet up with anyone, anywhere. It’s just that easy.

  1. Features the best features. Really, they’re the best.

Why settle for regular meeting apps when you can organize a meeting with Foneo? Discover countless features that make life more productive. Share screens and documents with your team. Take notes as you go. Explain your vision on the virtual whiteboard. And chat with meeting members to explain your arguments.

And as if that’s not enough, we’ve added the possibility for remote IT-control where needed. Those features just trump any other app, right?

  1. It makes you feel safe and secure

Yes, we’ve thought about security from the very beginning. Because we know that privacy and reliability aren’t features in these days of cybercrime, they’re the foundation for every online app. Or so they should be.

Foneo was designed following the highest security standards. Your meetings are safe and completely private. Just the way it should be.

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