The Impact of Globalization on Holistic Brand Communication Strategy Online and Offline: The cognitive dimension

Presentation Description:During recent years the internet has become a central role for building brand communication strategies. However, organizations face the problem that they have to build up so-called strong brands in order to be perceived as different from their competitors, but at the same time the target groups of corporate communication come from diverse backgrounds of national cultures. Being a cognitive issue, this challenge for corporate communication can be solved by ‘fictional realities’ linked to a brand holistically.
On the basis of the cognitive theory of metaphor (Johnson 1987, Schmidt 2006, 2005) results will be presented on how cognitive linguistics can answer needs in brand management. The paper is part of the result of a finished interdisciplinary study on how to grasp the cultural dimension both on corporate and national level by looking into the possibilities that cognitive use of language brings about, and it especially enables to solve the interrelationship between corporate and national dimension of culture in the area of corporate communication. The results will be demonstrated using an example from today’s global corporate world.

Learning Outcome: Brand communication strategies in new and old media; bridging the differences between corporate and national cultures.

Christopher M. Schmidt (asst. prof.) is a teacher and researcher on university level in the interdisciplinary field of language, business and culture and has developed a special curriculum in the area of intercultural business communication. In 2001 he has inaugurated the research cooperation “European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication” (

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