Perspectives on Globalization from the Arabian Gulf: Imperialism or co-creation?

Presentation Description: Are Arabs the victims of linguistic and cultural imperialism, or are they willing and active participants in the phenomenon of globalization? The research presented in this session investigates the perspectives of Arabs in the Arabian Gulf on the issues of globalization and linguistic and cultural imperialism.  Some of the questions investigated are:  1.  How do Arabs perceive themselves within the phenomenon of globalization? Are they victims or willing participants?  2.  Do Arabs fear the effects of globalization on their society? Do they equate globalization with linguistic and cultural imperialism?  3.  Is it possible for Arabs to join as active participants of globalization without having their own language and culture diluted, corrupted or lost?
Based on what we understand from their perspectives, we will consider as a possible alternative to cultural and linguistic imperialism the ability to co-create new cultural and linguistic spaces, which benefit and respect all parties involved. Lastly, we will reflect on the role of those who are in a position to shape their environments, either as educators or as leaders in the corporate or humanitarian fields.

Darren Kamphuis is a Canadian who has spent more than 10 years in the Middle East. He is fluent in Arabic and excels in cross-cultural communication. He is the Managing Director of KnowledgeWorkx Kuwait, conducting corporate coaching, consulting and training. KnowledgeWorkx specializes in using intercultural intelligence to provide business solutions.

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