General English, Business English and Intercultural Awareness are the three domains of the Ld V  Type B Project entitled “All Dimensional Foreign Language Instruction: A Constructivist ESP Perspective (ADCOESP)”. It aims to synthesize the up-to-date developments in foreign language teaching, and in general education to nurture a sophisticated teaching and learning environment.


The ultimate aim of this methodological integration is to improve the quality of foreign language teaching in order to develop foreign language skills and competencies of business people and the prospective business people. It is a 16-week text comprising activities to help the target group develop skills in the three domains above. To raise intercultural awareness in the target group and to enable them to use it in their business communication in English, various activities are designed to help them construct intercultural communication knowledge and skills.

The topics covered are national culture, company culture, employment contracting in different countries, taboo questions in different cultures, nonverbal communication worldwide, punctuality, dress code, gift-giving, and corporate social responsibility across countries. Although the target group will consist of learners involved in business, the results can also be transferred and adapted to other vocational and professional groups.  Further information can be obtained at

Communication competency

Based on our field study conducted from 2004 to 2007 in Kobe, Japan, we will present how the experience of working as volunteer staff at the NPO and the interaction with immigrant children helped the Japanese university students develop their intercultural communication competency.  In this study, we confine ‘a person with intercultural communication competency for the global society’ to ‘a person who cares about all the people on the earth regardless of their cultural background and has a strong desire to communicate to understand them’.  In order to examine the interaction between the volunteers and the children in more depth we conducted PAC (Personal Attitude Construct) Analysis of three volunteers, and Image Map analysis of eight children.

Iskender Hakki Sarigoz has been working in Gazi University for 24 years as a teacher trainer. He has published articles and presented papers in Turkey and Europe. He is interested in Foreign Language Teaching, ESP, NLP, TQM, and Constructivism. He lectured in Europe within Erasmus. He has supported schools on advisory basis

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Cemal Cakir got his BA in English Language Teaching (1989) from Gazi University, MA (1990) from Bilkent University, and PhD in ELT (1997) from Gazi University. He worked as an English instructor in various institutions. He lectured in Europe within Erasmus. He is interested in applied semantics, applied pragmatics, and interlanguage studies. fethiye transfersdiplomová prácaonline shopping in pakistan by credit card. If you are looking for Com desempenho poderoso e design resistente que você pode confiar then learn more . ,
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